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Back-To-Back 30Hour Trips

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gavleston Party Boats

by Galveston Party Boats
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Last week Galveston Party Boats ran two back-to-back 30-hour trips (Thurs-Friday and then Sat-Sun). The New Buccaneer with Captains Matt Smith and Sam Hardeman made a 30-hour trip on October 22-23 and out again on a private charter on the 24th to 25th.
On the Thursday-Friday trip, they returned with 22 yellowfin tuna, 97 blackfin tuna, 204 vermillion snapper, 4 scamp grouper, 5 amberjack, and 4 almaco jack.
On the Saturday-Sunday Private charter with 25 fishermen, they returned with 16 yellowfin tuna (about 35 more were hooked and not landed), 55 blackfin tuna, 134 vermillion snapper, 3 amberjack, 11 almaco jack, 9 scamp grouper, 30 barracuda, 3 creole fish, 1 rock hind, 1 marble grouper, and 1 king mackerel.
Interested In a private charter for your group? Ask us about booking a trip for your next outing!

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